Safe: We move, exercise and train to improve our health not to risk it! So, the paramount consideration when designing a program, planning a session or executing our exercises is the safety of participants. This is why I have studied, watched and been mentored in the most technically correct techniques of lifting, pulling or moving – because we all have only one body, and when I am trusted to help look after yours, I do not take it for granted!

Affordable: At Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning, we are committed to charging a reasonable amount for our time but we will definitely provide a valuable service. It is not just about the duration of time that you spend with us, but it is making sure we provide you the motivation, awareness and skills to take home with you the key messages about improving your health and wellbeing. Whether it be one:one, group sessions or the provision of Strength and Conditioning programme… we will ensure you receive ‘value for your money’.

Functional: We are firm in the belief that our training needs to have a purpose … and this can be in many different forms or reasons. It is not about the type of training we like to do – it is about you. Functional fitness is the key to effective health improvement. It is about aiding your body to be more adapted to the challenges of daily life or your specific sport or your specific lifestyle.

Enjoyable: For many of us, the idea of leaving the lounge, the bedroom or the bar stool to spend time running, jumping, lifting, carrying, getting up, lying down, getting up again, etc. carries the same appeal as visiting the dentist or completing our tax return. So our challenge is to make working with us as appealing as possible through three main aspects; Variety – Challenge – Laughs. We commit to these three important pillars to enjoying exercise.