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entry-imageThe best thing we can do for our body is to keep it moving. We are accustomed to sit and ‘do stuff’ for most of our waking hours… tapping the keyboard, battling the traffic, eating our meals …. And as any physiologist will explain – it is not what we are built for.

So lets do what we are designed for … lets move … and at WSSC we will work with you to get you moving to help you achieve what you wish to do for your better health.

Our S.A.F.E training methodology means that our coaching is built around safety, affordability, functionality and enjoyment … what exercise was meant to be.

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2015 - the Year of More Movement

Let's Move More in the New Year!

The calendar has been turned and we enter into 2015 … another year for us to enjoy, to grow, to learn, to experience … and to Move! The key to good health is movement – our bodies are designed for it and our minds enjoy it. 

So lets move … lets make this the year of less TV, more Activity. Less Bar Stool, more bike seat. Less spectate, more participate! And we could go on and on – I’m sure you get the picture that is being suggested here. If you are one to make resolutions for the New Year ahead, maybe this is one to put on your list of ‘what I will do’ in 2015. Move More!

For WSSC we too see the coming year as a time for more movement. Our group sessions will continue to provide our training friends the opportunity to train in a S.A.F.E manner; Safe – Affordable – Functional – Enjoyable but we will be adding some options as the year progresses. We will keep things simple without sales gimmicks and meal replacement plans … for us it is about providing our training partners the expertise and environment to move for your better health in a simple, fun way.

We will introduce some targeted training programs – where we can set goals and health objectives for a defined period of time to help all of us improve our fitness and wellbeing. We will keep you informed during January of our plans for this … and how you can jump in with others to achieve specific, measureable fitness targets.  Watch this space … and other spaces, like our Facebook page!!

Finally, we would like to thank all of our friends for your fantastic support and energy during 2014. In our first year we are so happy of how things have grown for us. But more importantly, we are thrilled with the inspiration we receive at every one of our group and one:one sessions from our training friends. We will never take for granted the trust you place in us by making the commitment to improve your health and fitness with WSSC – it is much appreciated. And we look forward to more of the same in 2015 – the Year of More Movement. Keep well and happy. J

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Fitness & Punishment v the SAFE Approach

A key component of our S.A.F.E  training methodology is enjoyment … that training should be a positive experience and exercise need not always be seen as a chore like doing the lawns, the dishes or our tax return!
So we do not really understand the attitude of some fitness trainers and events where the ‘punishment’ concept is in place.
I trained with a ‘military style’ guy who was big on this. If one of the group was 5 minutes late we all had to do 20 push-ups or if someone spoke out of line or failed in a challenge… they were hit with a ‘plank penalty’. This approach might work in prison but it is not something that fits into the approach we have at Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning – where exercise should be a positive experience of challenge and improvement not threats!!
A friend was telling me about her ‘Spartan’ mud run race where if a participant in this ‘fun event’ missed an obstacle due to either safety concerns, fatigue or strength reasons they were ‘made’ to complete 20 - 50 burpees !!! Such events are great to encourage performance not punish anything less than elite output!
Similarly if we have a moment of over indulgence (a few extra beers, that tempting chocolate slice or some ‘take-away’ on the way home from work) lets not get into the habit of punishing ourselves for it but beating ourselves up about it or angrily doing an extra 20 minutes on our least favourite exercise routine. See it more as just adjusting our needs … we put more energy into our body, so it is an opportunity to complete our need for more energy out – through some exercise and movement.

At WSSC we prefer to encourage people to achieve levels than they had before, challenge our fitness friends by providing exercises and movements just out of their comfort zone and recognise improvements in our fitness and strength levels. 

Moving for our better health is a positive step for us all to take, not one where threats, penalties and negativity are hanging over our heads! Enjoy life, enjoy moving, enjoy health!!

I look forward to working with you in our positive and enjoyable training environment! 

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Functional S.A.F.E Training

Our training methodology of S.A.F.E (Safe – Affordable-Functional-Enjoyable) is our guiding principle when preparing and conducting any session or program.  

The terms ‘functional training’ and ‘functional exercise’ were actually derived from the rehabilitation therapists who design specific exercises, programs and movements to aid the person’s recovery to ‘normal’ life. At Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning we see this principle extended to training people for other specific purposes in their everyday journey in life.

We see Functional Training  as a key pillar to our philosophy … giving exercise and fitness a meaning. That meaning can be just because it is fun and that enjoyment factor is providing that specific role in their life. But in can be more specific and pointed that that too. Examples are many and varied & depend upon the person’s life situation.

We have trained athletes striving for State selection, mothers finding that their 2-year old is heavier than she was at 6 months and now they are struggling to pick her up, young ladies with a specific dress size to fit into and one person with an often debilitating health issue, who is trying to manage pain and fatigue through movement and strength training.

Functional training is moving for better health … it is giving fitness training a reason … it is important in your life for your reason. Please tell us your reason for moving and we will tailor our sessions for your personal goal, your reason for movement and your better health.

We will always explain why we have designed a program or session in a certain way and for a certain outcome. Because fitness training should be fun, it needs to be safe and must be affordable … But to have a specific purpose gives it reason & value and helps with motivation and results. And our functional training programs will help you move for better health.

Please contact James on 0434 086 047 or drop us a note via the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website for more information on our functional S.A.F.E training.

Keep well and happy … see you soon.

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