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entry-imageThe best thing we can do for our body is to keep it moving. We are accustomed to sit and ‘do stuff’ for most of our waking hours… tapping the keyboard, battling the traffic, eating our meals …. And as any physiologist will explain – it is not what we are built for.

So lets do what we are designed for … lets move … and at WSSC we will work with you to get you moving to help you achieve what you wish to do for your better health.

Our S.A.F.E training methodology means that our coaching is built around safety, affordability, functionality and enjoyment … what exercise was meant to be.

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Affordable S.A.F.E Training

Our training methodology of S.A.F.E (Safe – Affordable - Functional - Enjoyable) is our guiding principle when preparing and conducting any session or program.  

Every item or service has a ‘value’ and we choose whether to pay money for that depending upon the benefit we will derive from that level of ‘expense’.  So what price / value should fitness training have?? We believe that the price should be as low as possible and the value & benefit as high – sounds like any advert on TV, yes? So our view on Affordability in more detail…
We are business and yes, we need to be paid for the services we provide people. We need to meet our expenses and still manage a meal or three on the following day! So, what is our service? We see it as the provision of expertise, environment, time and equipment for our fitness friends to help improve their health. It is Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning providing motivation & access to make it easier for people to move for their better health.

We base our model on simplicity. We do not need to meet the KPI Profit targets of a corporate organisation – as is the case for the corporate gyms that continue to open around our city We do not follow a business model of memberships, ‘lock-in’ or fine print contracts that  many people will ever actually derive their entitled benefit from. Nor are we a pyramid selling organization that brands itself as a Fitness coaching company to ‘get people in’ – to provide a secondary form of income based on other people’s work.

Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning is a simple, small business aiming to be viable in one of the best industries a person can ‘work’ in!

Our affordability – and what we would like to achieve when setting our prices for our fitness sessions – is based on a simple basis of Excellent Fitness Sessions at Affordable Prices.
Our group sessions will always be as low cost as possible to increase the opportunity for people to join us as often as possible to maximise the health benefits. For us it is about the energy and encouragement that group training provides  - and our commitment is that we will make that energy become contagious through enjoyable & interesting sessions.

Our one:one Fitness coaching offering will be more expensive as it will always be a 100% personalised health program for your goals, needs and lifestyle. And it will provide more ‘structure’, planning and feedback than the group environment allows for.  
The actual prices may vary depending upon the type, location frequency and duration of our sessions and programs – and also the customer’s specific situation and goals. But we commit to provide as low prices for our services as is viability allows.

We want to see the health of everybody improve … we want to have exercise as accessible as possible through Affordable training provision. We want to help more people move for better health.
Please contact James on 0434 086 047 or drop us a note via the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website for more information on our affordable S.A.F.E training.
Keep well and happy … see you soon

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Enjoyment in S.A.F.E Training

Our training methodology of S.A.F.E (Safe – Affordable-Functional-Enjoyable) is our guiding principle when preparing and conducting any session or program.  This week I am going to skip the Affordable and Functional aspects – more of those later. But after a great week of exercise and seeing the joy people get from moving for their better health …. I would like to chat about Enjoyable training.

So why do people dread getting their heart rate up and moving their bodies? Our comfort zones can be damn comfortable can’t they? And there is no better time to love that Comfort Zone than winter! It is normal … but our challenge is to look for the positives outside of that nice space!
I have been in fortunate enough to receive positive energy from exercising this week from so many ‘energy donors’. We will start with Irene … a young lady who has lost 50 kg – over a sustainable period of time … no, this is not an ad for Biggest Loser who promote unsustainable weight loss. This was an achievable change of lifestyle choice through exercise and life decisions. Her infectious enjoyment came from her results but was equally happy to see others on the same path as she came up to our Thursday group to provide inspiration!
Then to one of our training partners who was happy on Friday to be able to try a couple of new ‘moves’. Not something you would see in the ‘Exercise’ encyclopedia or in a Michelle Bridges article … but a challenging set of moves engaging the important, functional muscles, in ways we do not normally try and was put together from a trainer and mentor that provides energy, ideas and inspiration to WSSC. We did share some laughs from the attempts on our way to (our version of) success.
Later in the week we enjoyed time with a couple of new comers … who learned how to lift & move safely for strength endurance in the group environment. They left a wet, cold night with a smile – a sure sign of enjoyment!

There are many other examples from the great groups of people we get to coach and work with on a weekly basis …  and I could go on. There are three 3 messages and themes that Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning will take into every session to make moving out of our comfort zone enjoyable.

Results – we acknowledge and celebrate the progress we make … the success can be measured in commitment as well as outcome – but also in the fact that we have learned something new and added something to our capabilities.

Variety – a commitment to making every session different from the ones before and continually thinking creatively about how our time together can provide new experiences and different ways to improve your health.

Laughter – it does not have to be a precise activity where we face the judge searching for a perfect -10! We can laugh at ourselves – each other  - and the crazy positions we find ourselves in. Along with movement, laughter is the great medicine for better health.

Keep well and happy … see you soon.

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The Safe in S.A.F.E Training

Our training methodology is S.A.F.E (Safe – Affordable - Functional - Enjoyable) & forms our guiding principle when preparing and conducting any session or program. So lets focus on what we mean by Safe training.
We train for better health not worse, so we will make sure every one of our customers and training partners completes exercises and challenges with the correct technique and in a place / environment where they will not be injured or at risk of harm.

But it also includes doing things the ‘right’ way to ensure safety and peace of mind. This is why we are fully insured with an APRA approved Public Liability Insurance firm. So, if in the unlikely event something does not go to plan  – none of us are at risk financially and legally. We are First Aid certified and continually read up on the best methods for injury prevention and management. This is also why we are aligning ourselves with reliable, knowledgeable & successful sports and health care practitioners – so good advice is close at hand. And finally, we believe in working in approved environments and are working with local councils including Parramatta City Council to utilise public space for our outdoor sessions legally and safely.

So the Safe aspect our S.A.F.E methodology means more than just ensuring our training friends are kept free of harm during their exercises; it also includes minimising the risk for all of us by doing things the ‘right way’ and ensuring we can focus on improving our health during our sessions and not exposing ourselves to potentially difficult situations.

Contact James at Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning to find out more about how to ‘Move for Better Health’ the S.A.F.E way!  

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