Eat + Move = Health

Hands up if you have seen an article or news item about a new diet, super-food or eating system this week?? I will be surprised if there are not 90% of readers with exposed arm- pits right now! It is everywhere and with the recent growth explosion in cooking TV shows and books we have never had so much access to healthy eating ….
Yet why is Australia’s obesity and type-2 diabetes increasing to alarming proportions ??
Maybe it is because we have over-complicated the whole “eat to be healthy” approach. Or maybe because we are spending to much time as a nation watching these shows, scanning the net for the best recipe and cooking & eating this beautiful food!

Now, we are not going to pretend we know everything in regards to the latest nutritional science, nor will we try to sell you the latest in dietary supplement in the hope that the pyramid selling well make us all rich….
At Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning we prefer to keep it simple!

For us it comes down to this: Energy In vs Energy Out. Simple.
If our energy in exceeds our energy out – we are most likely to increase our fat levels and thus will ‘put on weight’.
If our energy out exceeds our energy in – we are likely to reduce our fat levels and thus we will ‘lose weight’.
Sure it gets more complicated after that when we get into the types of energy in (Proteins, Fats & Carbs), the types of energy out (interval, endurance or strength training) and our individual body structure (muscle, fat and shape) … but it is that basic equation that we should remember to keep our bodies healthy and our organs functioning as best they can!

On these pages and in our training chats we will provide tips on eating for better health, we will challenge our customers examine our eating habits and we may even throw in a recipe now and then … but it will always come down to that balance … Energy in vs Energy Out !!!

Of course… the other component is to MOVE!