How we Do It

Our Philosophy

Having a passion for fitness is important for a trainer.
Having a passion for good health is important to be a good trainer.
Having a passion for people is important to be a very good personal trainer. BUT... when you share these 'passions' with the drive and professionalism to improve the long-term health of those you are working with, the 'trainer' becomes the fitness and health coach.
This is my philosophy – one must enjoy being with people; sharing their laughs, listening to their doubts, aiding them in their 'lower moments' and driving them towards their health and fitness goals. 

"Movement for Better Health"

...'just move' ... movement it the key to health. At 18 months or 80 years, it is important for the person's functioning (mental, physical and emotional) to be active. And it is dependant upon where that person to be with their wellness, is to what form of movement they take. Whether it be a walk to the shops, time to explore the local park, a visit to the gym, joining a sporting team or a workout with friends, climbing Mt Everest or competing in triathlons ... it is all about the movement.
At Western Sydney Strength & Conditioning, we value movement and believe it is the key to better health and we look forward to working with you to increase your movement capabilities to help your achieve your health and fitness goals.

And as a fitness coach, I will commit the following to you:

  1. I will always have First Aid supplies (I am First Aid certified), spare water, sunscreen, towels etc
  2. I will be on time and ensure we are training in a safe environment. I prefer outdoor training as it is much better to consume fresh oxygen rather than stale air !!
  3. Every session will be different - and relevant to your goals. Maybe you want to lose weight, general fitness improvement, rehab from injuries or get stronger -- or a combination of all four. Variety is the key to enjoying exercise.
  4. You will get the chance to laugh ... sometimes at me, sometimes at yourself, sometimes at life !!!
  5. Our session will be S.A.F.E – Safe, Affordable, Functional & Enjoyable