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Welcome to Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning! Thank you for visiting our site. Take your time to click around and maybe visit our Facebook page to find more about WSSC and our approach to fitness and health.

We would love to hear from you to chat about how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We would also love to get some feedback about this site and what you would like to see and read about. We are about working with our friends not thinking we know all of the answers!!

Our S.A.F.E training methodology is about providing a comfortable training environment for you where we can improve your health & fitness together. Read more about S.A.F.E training in coming posts on this blog. 

So, who is Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning? If you are nice enough to come and visit us, I guess we better let you know about us a little. 

I’m James and I’m the Fitness Coach and founder of Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning. After an enjoyable 20 years in the Logistics industry dealing with trucks, planes, boats and warehouses, I recently decided it was time to find a new sand-pit to play in. And my passion for sport, fitness and health had me steering into starting a new career in this industry. 

I am finding it most enjoyable and motivating to be given the opportunity to work with a variety of people. I never take it for granted that I am given the responsibility to work with people to improve their health. We only have one body and for someone to trust me to work with theirs, is not something I take lightly. And my commitment levels to you and your health will always reflect that level of trust! 

I have had the opportunity to learn the most recent fitness techniques and theories by some of the leading Fitness Coaches in Australia, in my Personal Training and Fitness courses, as well at the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. On top of my own sporting background and never-ending interest in sport and fitness, I enjoy continually bouncing ideas and exercises off colleagues & friends in a number of different fitness disciplines. We believe that variety is a key component of a motivating fitness program!  

Finally, I am fortunate to have the guidance and motivation from a fantastic mentor - a highly qualified and leading Strength & Conditioning Coach and Exercise Physiologist. To have the opportunity to learn from someone with such a knowledge base and who continually challenges herself and others to seek better health, is highly valuable. I look forward to learning more every day about how to help people move more for better health.

So that is us … you will be able to read more about us, our methodologies and what we can provide to help you improve your health and fitness in our regular updates. 

Thanks for dropping in … We hope to see you soon ! Keep well and happy. J 

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