Christmas Fun and Timetable

Well, what a week of Christmas moving we have had for our group and 1:1 sessions. The festive season brought us the 12 Exercises of Christmas - with Christmas Tree and Christmas Star shaped 'circuits'! There were Angels, Star jumps, flying tinsel, a few challenges, a tough workout here & there and, most importantly, so many people enjoying their workouts!!! (Yes, we actually enjoy exercise here!! Is there a better sound in the world than laughter??)
Thanks to all who took time out of their week to 'move for their better health'. We even managed to fit in some 'social time' too ! 
We had young netballers, long 'lost' friends returning, our committed 'sunrise' regulars, a couple of Australian army's finest, families, our evening stars, our 1:1 PT warriors, ... I am so fortunate to spend my days with such great people.
Thank you all so much! 
I wish all of our fitness friends the very best for Christmas. May it be the Christmas you want, with the people you love and with the enjoyment we all yearn for at this time of year. 
We will not stop moving in this post Christmas time ... our group training sessions for the next week are as follows:

WED 28th: 5:00 pm
THU 29th: 8:00 AM
FRI 30th 9:30 AM
SAT 31st 7:30 AM (this session is at Glenhaven!)

Keep well and happy. James

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