Fitness & Punishment v the SAFE Approach

A key component of our S.A.F.E  training methodology is enjoyment … that training should be a positive experience and exercise need not always be seen as a chore like doing the lawns, the dishes or our tax return!
So we do not really understand the attitude of some fitness trainers and events where the ‘punishment’ concept is in place.
I trained with a ‘military style’ guy who was big on this. If one of the group was 5 minutes late we all had to do 20 push-ups or if someone spoke out of line or failed in a challenge… they were hit with a ‘plank penalty’. This approach might work in prison but it is not something that fits into the approach we have at Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning – where exercise should be a positive experience of challenge and improvement not threats!!
A friend was telling me about her ‘Spartan’ mud run race where if a participant in this ‘fun event’ missed an obstacle due to either safety concerns, fatigue or strength reasons they were ‘made’ to complete 20 - 50 burpees !!! Such events are great to encourage performance not punish anything less than elite output!
Similarly if we have a moment of over indulgence (a few extra beers, that tempting chocolate slice or some ‘take-away’ on the way home from work) lets not get into the habit of punishing ourselves for it but beating ourselves up about it or angrily doing an extra 20 minutes on our least favourite exercise routine. See it more as just adjusting our needs … we put more energy into our body, so it is an opportunity to complete our need for more energy out – through some exercise and movement.

At WSSC we prefer to encourage people to achieve levels than they had before, challenge our fitness friends by providing exercises and movements just out of their comfort zone and recognise improvements in our fitness and strength levels. 

Moving for our better health is a positive step for us all to take, not one where threats, penalties and negativity are hanging over our heads! Enjoy life, enjoy moving, enjoy health!!

I look forward to working with you in our positive and enjoyable training environment! 

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