Functional S.A.F.E Training

Our training methodology of S.A.F.E (Safe – Affordable-Functional-Enjoyable) is our guiding principle when preparing and conducting any session or program.  

The terms ‘functional training’ and ‘functional exercise’ were actually derived from the rehabilitation therapists who design specific exercises, programs and movements to aid the person’s recovery to ‘normal’ life. At Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning we see this principle extended to training people for other specific purposes in their everyday journey in life.

We see Functional Training  as a key pillar to our philosophy … giving exercise and fitness a meaning. That meaning can be just because it is fun and that enjoyment factor is providing that specific role in their life. But in can be more specific and pointed that that too. Examples are many and varied & depend upon the person’s life situation.

We have trained athletes striving for State selection, mothers finding that their 2-year old is heavier than she was at 6 months and now they are struggling to pick her up, young ladies with a specific dress size to fit into and one person with an often debilitating health issue, who is trying to manage pain and fatigue through movement and strength training.

Functional training is moving for better health … it is giving fitness training a reason … it is important in your life for your reason. Please tell us your reason for moving and we will tailor our sessions for your personal goal, your reason for movement and your better health.

We will always explain why we have designed a program or session in a certain way and for a certain outcome. Because fitness training should be fun, it needs to be safe and must be affordable … But to have a specific purpose gives it reason & value and helps with motivation and results. And our functional training programs will help you move for better health.

Please contact James on 0434 086 047 or drop us a note via the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website for more information on our functional S.A.F.E training.

Keep well and happy … see you soon.

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