March - Weather Update

Happy Monday !! Welcome to the new week ... another week where we can make movement for our health a priority!!! 
It is a week where it seems the wet stuff might arrive ... our gardens will be happy and so will the trainers - it is a great feeling to be moving in the rain! 
Please keep an eye on here - or texts - if we need to move, change or cancel our group sessions if it becomes unsafe or just too silly to be running around Third Settlement in storms! 
I will be in touch.... 
Remember our session times:
Mon - 9:45 am, 5:00 pm & 6:30 pm
Tue - 6:00 am
Wed - 6:30 pm
Thu - 6:00 am
Fri - 9:30 am
Wishing you an enjoyable week. Keep well and happy! J

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