Out of the Comfort Zone ... on 'those' days

Movement for Better Health includes the health of one’s entire body … not just the big important organs, our nervous system and our skeletal frame but our minds as well.

The weather of these last few days can bring forward that feeling of reluctance to keep to an exercise regime when it is unpleasant outside (and sometimes inside some of those gyms on a wet day can be quite unpleasant too!!).  We know the dread of having to move when we know it will be more comfortable to remain motionless in the warm and dry of our house.

So what can we do to counter this - our desire to remain in the ‘comfort zone’ despite us knowing this will not help us achieve our fitness and health goals??   The first trick is to try to view exercise as enjoyable. Some tips from someone who lived many years of his life in the comfort zone.

1.     Embrace one positive view of your movement environment… whether it be that the ‘rain is refreshing’; or “I am going to catch up on the gossip from the group” during our session; or how nice it is to be outside breathing real oxygen;  or that this time (whether it be 15 mins or 1 hour ) is “your time” to be with yourself. You may find bringing that one positive aspect into view will be enough to help you get out on those cool, damp days and get moving.

2.     Try a variety of types of movement to help stimulate the enjoyment factor. The body will enjoy it and your mind is likely to be refreshed by the different task you have set it.

3.     Set the challenge and embrace the success of the achievement of that challenge. And no… that challenge does need not be running a marathon, or entering in a mud run (like “The Stampede” on October 18 – more about that soon!) or lifting 100kg bench press. That achievement may be that you did kick back the covers and not stayed in bed, or you did keep the commitment and you turned the car into the car park of the local park for your group training session rather than into your garage!

At Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning, we believe that movement may come easy for some but not for us all. But if you are seeking to improve your health it is easier to keep the desire to move if there is a positive environment for you to exercise and move, if there is variety in the sessions and if we take time to celebrate our achievements. This is our goal to provide these for you. 

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