Two Key Ingredients for Weight Loss Diets

Two important ingredients for your Daily Diet:

The New Year’s resolution diets are flooding the papers and the net. The new eating regimes are out and the celebrities are endorsing one or another, and we are all hearing from friends who are trying or considering a different way of sustenance! “Paleo”, “5:2 Fast”, “Sugar-Free”, and 1000 more eating plans cross our eyes, ears or tongues every day.

So what is WSSC’s advice or theory on this? Well, we are not qualified as a nutritionist or dietitian so, unlike many trainers or gyms, we are not going to get into the habit of prescribing a specific diet to our fitness friends. We must remember that we are all different in (literally) millions of ways all of the way down to our DNA  - so who are we to tell you what balance of nutrients to eat???

We prefer to keep things simple … and we try to encourage these two ingredients that our Mum’s taught (& continue to teach) us.

Common Sense:   We know what we should not eat & drink and;

Balance:  We need a variety of nutritional substances for  physiological & mental health.

We support these ingredients when trying to supplement an active lifestyle of exercise and movement with a sensible diet. We also know that these two key ingredients can be hard to find at certain times of our lives – e.g. at 11:00 pm at the Bar! But it is the key to good health … thinking about what we consume and not sticking to the one food group all of the time.

Some tricks to support this if both of these ingredients are not in front of us when most needed:

1.     Brush your teeth regularly. Nothing goes well with toothpaste – even beer! 
2.     Don’t buy anything from a Petrol Station apart from petrol.  
3.     Water, water, water…
4.     Count the times you open the pantry / fridge (for yourself!) in a day.
5.     Look above & below eye line in the Supermarket aisle – the most tempting (& least nutritionally valuable) stuff is literally right in front of you.
6.     Rename certain items in your house … Soft Drink = Sugar Drink, Chips = Deep Fried Oily Potatoes, Coco-Pops = Cheap Chocolate. Might make them less attractive to all involved.
Let’s not over-complicate this eating & fat loss thing it always comes down to the simple equation:

Energy In v Energy Out. If Ins > Outs we will are likely to store fat and ‘put on weight’. And remember to keep moving for your better health

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