WSSC Group Sessions - What we are about

Our group sessions have proven to be a popular way for many people of all ages and backgrounds to get started, re-started or continue on their path of improving their health and fitness.

The aim of our group fitness sessions is to provide a fun environment for people to ‘move together’. The overriding principle from our very first group session in February 2014, was that the sessions be S.A.F.E – Safe, Affordable, Functional and Enjoyable. And we are proud to say this remains the ultimate objective each time we design a program.
Added to this, is variety - every session will be different! And challenge - we will provide the opportunity for all of our training friends to improve their health and fitness through taking that extra step during the training sessions. 

We charge $10 per person – pay as you come. We do not believe in memberships, gimmicks and, especially, pay-up-front schemes where the person gets ‘punished’ by not turning up for a session. Why?  Because each day, ‘life happens’ … there are so many conflicting priorities in our lives, and although we like to think that our group session are always no.1, we understand the pressures of work, family and other commitments – so why take money from our training friends for something they have not received???

We would love to have you along to join in the fun … and discover that there is a way that exercise and achieving your fitness goals can be enjoyable as well as challenging. We run sessions at a variety of times and days, to provide options for the differing lifestyle and demands of our training friends.

If you would like more information contact James on 0434 086 047 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. - or just pop down to take a look at what happens!!!

Many thanks – keep safe, well and happy. James

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