Stretching Tips

Stretching … many theories, many methods!

There is nothing like a good stretch!! In the morning when we first rise, during the day if we have been at the desk too long, after those long drives … or after a good exercise hit out.
There are some basic things to remember when it comes to stretching for better health. And remember that there is not one ‘best’ way and using a variety of techniques and methods may help your body!

Often. We should stretch regularly to assist your body in managing with all it cops in a day. We do it to lengthen and strengthen our muscles, to help re-align our posture and, most importantly for many of us, to relax our mind!

Dynamic Before … Static After.  To warm up before your exercise session, whether it be a run, strength session or a HiiT cardio blast, its best to focus on a dynamic (or Range of Motion) stretch routine – so as not to ‘shock’ the muscles with some intense static stretches prior to them getting ‘warm’. We get them stretched out through motion and moving.
The static stretches afterwards can be your typical routine or, even better,  try some PNF  - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation - (can you see why we call it PNF !!) resistant stretches with your fitness coach or a friend to further improve your flexibility.

Using Stretching as Medicine or a Distraction. Just as people will attend Yoga or Tai Chai sessions to reduce tension in their lives as well as improving their flexibility, we can all use stretching to assist in achieving better health and wellbeing. For example, instead of heading straight to bed after getting the day done and carrying all of the day’s worries, concerns and the ‘not done yet To-Do list’, try to grab some time (5-10 minutes at least), to stop and complete a basic stretch routine. Nothing too dynamic or demanding as we do not want to increase and stimulate the heart rate too much … just some easy range stretches and use the time to remove some of the day’s load to assist in getting a good night’s rest. Think “Stretch, don’t Stress” , before getting into sleep mode.

There are many other methods and methodologies when it comes to stretching and we will post articles, opinions and advice on these pages to keep you updated with the latest.
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